Plastic World

Posted on March 29, 2014

Its no secret plastic surgery around the worldthat Americans are avid fans and patients of cosmetic surgeries. These procedures are absolutely everywhere stateside in every group imaginable, from highschoolers up through grandma and grandpa. Surprisingly enough to some Americans, however, these surgeries have caught on even stronger in some other nations. For example, Mexico seems to be almost addicted to weight loss procedures and has the most surgeries per capita!

Master Cosmetic Race

Koreans are the most likely people to receive a plastic surgery and have the most surgeries per capita anywhere in the world. If you’re looking for absolute skill and precision in your surgery Korea might be the place for you, just do a Google search and you’ll see. The outcomes of the Korean surgeries are almost reality defining at times, even the street advertisements are amazing to see just how much they can change someone. You get what you pay for, the most expensive surgeons in the glamorous Gangnam city could run you upwards of ten thousand dollars.

Don’t jump on board with the first doctor you come into contact with, find the absolute best for your surgery if you want your dream results. This list will be somewhat of an eyeopener for some, and we hope that it might suggest to you the idea of outsourcing your surgical procedure to the most appropriate location.

Thailand’s Reputation

Even the lower end surgeons are famous for preventing almost all scar tissues. In the cut throat world of Thailand’s schools, social circles, and businesses theres absolutely always a way to improve every angle of your life. By adopting the constant improvement mentality their culture demands, many Thai peoples coincidentally see a decline in their physical appearance and require a little trimming. So, no surprise, the most popular cosmetic surgery in thailand is the liposuction procedure. This country might not be the first to come to mind when you think of a quality lipoplasty but its in fact one of the best.

cosmetic surgery in australia

Surgery Down Under

Breast lifts and implants are the two most sought after surgeries in the country and the surgeons on the regions have developed an awesome reputation that takes countless patients across the Pacific every year. While the Koreans are famous for their facial reshaping surgeries such as the jaw trimming, Aussies have developed a reputation for contouring and perfecting the breasts. Australians just seem to know how to achieve the ideal breast implants, and its no surprise when you consider the demand for it down under.

Mediterranean Mastery

Whats the common surgery for the Greek? Penis enlargements and breast augmentations. With the way things have been going in Greece’s economy, you’d probably not think of them as one of the most prevalent plastic surgery oriented countries. Even more surprising is that per capita Greece is second for cosmetic procedures performed, only headed up by South Korea. The Globalization of the world’s different cultures and industries make major movements like this possible – seeding unexpected industries into new environments.